Anyone opposing the name of the stadium, will face the wrath of law-Kambwili


Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has castigated those against the naming of the new Lusaka stadium as ‘Disaster Stadium’ telling them; kambwili“If you dont Want the Name, You Can Hang”

‘You cant please everyone and those not happy will have to live with that. I am sorry but the story stands,” the Sports Minister disclosed and said this in the wake of fans (including FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya) rejecting the name of the new Lusaka Stadium.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the families of the 30 heroes who perished off the coast of Gabon on April, 28, 1993, Joyce Chabala has thanked govt for the gesture.

”We are very happy and wish the President long life. Thank you very much.”

Hon. Kambwili said government consulted widely before naming the stadium and that the name which was approved by cabinet could not be changed by anyone.

”We cant say ‘Heroes National Stadium, heroes are too many, we need to specify that we are honouring the Gabon Victims Heroes. The most important thing is that we consulted widely and this name came out prominent.”


  1. What an arrogant prick! Tax-payers deserve to be satisfied, and this arrogant id10t needs to be reminded that he is a civil SERVANT.

  2. Iwe kambwili it’s not your stadium or Sata’s and neither is it cabinet’s stadium…It’s is ours, us the zambian people. so if we say we don’t like the name, get it from us. *fyola*