Mampi Hits Back after ‘Poor’ Atlanta Show

By on September 10, 2013

According to Zambia Reports Female singer Miriam Mukape popularly known has Mampi last week hit back at the social media criticism in the aftermath of her first show in Atlanta on her three months long United States tour.

Mampi shaking it on stage in Uganda

Mampi shaking it on stage in Uganda

Mampi was criticized for short-changing her fans in Atlanta after she allegedly arrived late and abandoned the show after a couple of songs without even saying goodbye to those that had bothered to pitch up.

Apparently, Mampi was displeased with the security more so that some curious men uncomfortably got too close to her.

There are also reports of a fist of fury at the venue of show and this is alleged to have happened where Mampi had parked the vehicle she was using for the event. A heated debate ensured on social media.

Some people attacked Mampi accusing her of being “a nobody in the music” circles but she hit back.

“Even going to an extent of saying I’m a nobody in Zambia. I’m sorry to say this but things have changed back home. Come see the way I live that aside. Don’t judge pipo because u [are] in the US.

“I love Zambia better, I travel a lot but I go back home. Women should learn to support each other. Majority of the negative comments are coming from my fellow women n yet we are busy fighting for gender equality????

“It won’t happen if we don’t change our mindset. We are one people lets not drag each other down. Criticism is allowed but the approach matters that way you will build me.

“U cant build a house by throwing the bricks. But all in all thank you sooooooo much for coming, points have been taken we learn from our mistakes n im gona do even better,” she stated in her contribution to the debate.

Mampi, however, wondered how some people who didn’t pay for access to the show became the loudest in condemning her performance.

She also accused some Zambian promoters of frustrating efforts of their counterparts who facilitated her travel to the United States where she is set to hold a series of shows in different states.

“Some promoters are not happy that other promoters brought me here,,,,and [are] ganging up on me to discourage people from coming for the shows but we are going to put up bigger n better shows,” he said.

Mampi’s next stop, according to the programme by one of her promoters Jaskillz Justin, is set for Chicago on September 14.

“I am not bigger or better than anyone I just work hard to put bread n butter on my table n I need my Zambians to support me n I’ll put up even better performances for my fans,” she said.
Sidique Geloo, leader of the Zambian Association based in Atlanta, was among the many that triggered the debate by stating;

“I am writing this in view of what I have read on facebook concerning the Mampi Concert in Atlanta. I have sent texts exclusively for the Zambians in Atlanta (ONLY.)

“I know, Mampi being the biggest Zambian star, we wanted to see her perform the whole night. We had waited for this diva for years. “Many of us left the concert still thirsting for her performance and we are angry that at one point she had to go.

“Her promoter and myself disagreed on a few things concerning her exit and I still stick to my view.

“But whatever the disagreement, I just want everyone to know that it is all because WE LOVE OUR ZAMBIAN DIVA,” he stated.

Mampi US-based promoter Jaskillz Justin apologized for the missteps and promised the singer will put up better shows on the tour.

“I would like to thank every body who came to the show in Atlanta. This was the biggest well attended show ever. Hence, I am personally humbled. It is a promoter’s responsibility that we explain how long the performance for the artist will be.

“We [are] also supposed to let people know when the artist will be on stage. Third, we [are] supposed to provide security for the artist especially a Lady like our sister MAMPI. it is also my responsibility to make sure the MC’S announces the artist exit therefore, I’m asking for forgiveness on this, Its All this [these] missteps that caused the misunderstandings.

“Please take that blame on me, I am more experienced in doing this [these] shows, I should have done a better job,” Jaskillz said.

The promoter explained that Mampi performed several renditions including the love song called (Your love), Walilowelelela, Nakutantele, Why and Swililili Akapela, among others.

According to the programme laid out for Mampi, the singer is on a bus tour Seattle, New York, Connecticut, Boston, California and Dallas.

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