Petersen Zagaze quits music, to become radio DJ soon a Bishop

Zambia’s very own king of the dance hall Petersen Zagaze has now become a radio DJ.

dj petersenPetersen announced on his facebook account saying that people should look out for his radio shows on a newly opened radio station in Lusaka.

He wrote: CATCH ME LIVE ON KOMBONI 94.9 FM RADIO AT 5PM EVERY MONDAY (For African Music), TUESDAY (For Dance Hall) & THURSDAY (For All Good Music Plus New Hits)…. ZAGA SWAGGA aka SEFULA BOY

Petersen happens to be one of Zambia’s controversial artist who sings about reality and issues that affect the people.

It is not yet clear if the singer will stick to radio or music.

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8 Responses to “Petersen Zagaze quits music, to become radio DJ soon a Bishop”

  1. Da Genius says:

    No ways coz we stil need zaga man in de music circles,il ask my kid bro max (pipos) 2 convince him 2 stay…plz dont go,dont go am beggin u stay…

  2. CHANIBABA says:

    gud move zaga man

  3. Harriet Ngosa says:

    Don’t quit we still need yr music

  4. ANDY says:

    there’s something these guys hv seen in circular music that is scaring them. think about it, it exile then alubusu then pompi now its zagaze. Illuminati is at full force in Zambian music now.

  5. Calistus joy siampisani says:

    Dts so sad.,f dt wats he wnt t ait bt ll b gr8ly mist n d muzk industry! 4 hz stl dt sefula boy via sngin

  6. I want you komboni radio to open a website for as zambian so that we be able to download some songs.

  7. lombe says:

    iliche coz dats musik diversity.da choice is yos as long u will contribute to da musik industry outside da ring.wish you all the best zaga swag.

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